This is the "BUSINESS Preferred Commercial Account"section of We are very proud of our new department which caters to all of your "transportation solutions" as well as providing commercial vehicle for any business application.
Headed up by Ralph Nieves, who has many years of commercial sales experience, we will do everything possible to help select the proper vehicle for your business needs. As a BUSINESS Preferred member you are entitled to many new and inovative programs, all designed to help you easily purchase and maintain your fleet of vehicles. Our new department can configure special vehicles for use as ambulettes, as well as customize vehicles for the physically challenged.

What exactly is BUSINESS Preferred?
It's your guarantee that your vehicles can either be purchased or ordered in a timely fashion. Once they are in your possession WE will keep them running, thanks to our great service department and Ford's BUSINESS Preferred vehicle warranty coverage!

Here are just a few of the benifits of this great program.

1. FREE ENROLLMENT with the elegible purchase or lease of any vehicle through this program.

2. The Ford Motor Company gives priority to any vehicle ordered through this program.

3. All business can be transacted in your office or place of business. (We come to you!)

Once you have your vehicles, BUSINESS Preferred really gets into high gear!

4. Loaner vehicles are available should you need one.

5. Hassle free service appointments.

And on and on............................Interested in signing up? Just click here

If you need more Information, please call
914 377-8100 ext 271

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